We saw two beads of blinding light appear over the sunspots.
Before dawn the next day, skies all over the planet were bathed in yellow, tainted by radiation.
Communication systems were disrupted, and their operators electrocuted,
covering the world in a new alchemy of dust, gas, and light

Emerging in the troubled landscape of a Solar Flare, individual objects
evoke a future existence of fabulous discomfort.

In occasion of Milan Design Week 2023 , MONSTRUM STUDIO stages
a potential earthly scenario into a powerful oneiric vision.

Stepping on a plain of black sand, the dark remains of stardust and meteorite,
the visitor marvels at a mysterious landscape steeped in one eternal sunset.

A blaze envelops and silhouettes several slender objects in attendance.
They come alive reflecting the unyielding glare
and saturate the atmosphere with warm intoxicating light.

These objects bear the marks of both past and future.
Each one is a symbol and a companion in what might be the last aesthetic adventure of humanity.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Benjamin Baccarani

WORDS: Valerio Zanetti

ART DIRECTION: Riccardo Villa Fabbiati